NAUSET BEACH (USA)- Officials have closed down Nauset Beach at Cape Cod after a confirmed sighting of a great white shark. The shark’s dorsal fin was seen about 150 yards off the beach on sunday morning. Swimmers were asked to get out of the water, and surrounding towns and the Cape Cod NationalContinue Reading

BALTIMORE (USA)- Fishermen on the eastern US coasts catching smooth dogfish are allowed to bring back to port more than twice the ratio of fins to bodies. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission decided to ease on the restrictions of shark finning. Conservation groups are furious and concerned that theContinue Reading

CAPE COD (USA)- Swimmers and boaters beware. The great whites are coming back to Cape Cod in the summer. While the flocks of tourists and summer residents begin their migration to the Cape so do the sharks. The municipalities of the Cod are cautioning swimmers and boaters to stay safe. TheContinue Reading

MIAMI (USA)– Marine scientists from the University of Miami encountered an unexpected guest in the warm waters off the Florida Keys: a great white. The RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, was doing a routine sampling of shark population on the water just east of Islamorada when they hooked a 10-11-footContinue Reading

NEW SMYRNA BEACH (USA)- The self pronounced “Shark Bite Capital of the World”, New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County in the state of Florida, has had its first bite of the year. A 21-year old surfer was paddling out to catch some waves when a shark bit the surfer inContinue Reading

JENSEN BEACH (USA)- The US state of Florida is still shark attack capital of the world. On Jensen Beach in Martin County last weekend a 50-year old swimmer was bitten in the hand by a shark. The bite caused nothing more than a minor injury. The man was taken toContinue Reading

HALIFAX (CANADA)- One endangered species endangers another species. In the cold Gulf of St. Lawrence researchers saw the eels they were tracking and studying disappear before they were able to see where they would go to spawn. Turns out that porbeagle sharks ate the unfortunate research objects. The researchers, asContinue Reading