HAMILTON (BERMUDA)- A seven-year-old galapagos shark called Osbourne was released into the wild after living in a tank at the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo.The shark went from the North Rock Exhibit to North Rock itself as he was released into the wild. The shark’s nose had become injured due toContinue Reading

HONOLULU (USA)- In february a basking shark, tagged off the coast of San Diego, California, checked in after eight months of silence near Hawaii. Scientists are excited about the proven direct connection between basking sharks in the eastern Pacific and the central Pacific. The fish, tagged near San Diego, was oneContinue Reading

MIAMI (USA)- Shark fin soup, still more popular than ever, is not only dangerous for the shark populations worldwide, it also endangers the brain health of the people  that eat the soup. Scientists of the University of Miami neurotoxin in the soup. University of Miami (UM) scientists discovered high concentrations ofContinue Reading

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Northern Californian coastal waters are home to between 200 and 300 adult white sharks. This amount is slowly growing, says researcher David “Dovi” Kacev’. ‘They are more threatened  by people than they are a threat to us.’ Read the full interview with Kacev on Palos Verdes PatchContinue Reading

DAUPHIN ISLAND (USA)- Not just marine animals but also woodpeckers, swallows, tanagers, meadowlarks and other land birds are found in the stomachs of tiger sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Could Gulf of Mexico oil platforms be turning migratory birds into shark snacks? That’s what a nonprofit bird conservation group is suggesting. AContinue Reading

UTRECHT (THE NETHERLANDS)- 2011 was a remarkable year in proving how rich the natural diversity really is, despite all animals that are on the verge of extinction.Academy research associate David Ebert and his colleagues at the California Academy of Sciences described this past year four new species of sharks.  The African dwarf sawsharkContinue Reading

great white pointer

LONDON (UK)- Filmmaker Rufus Elliott is making the documentary ‘When Jaws Came To Visit’. In this film he examines the evidence that the most iconic fish and predator in the sea; the Great White shark, is visiting the coast of Britain during its yearly migration. The hunt for this elusive creatureContinue Reading