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Shark Shield under investigation

PORT LINCOLN (AUSTRALIA)-RAW data has finished being collected for a study investigating the effectiveness of shark repellant device Shark Shield. The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) study is looking into the effectiveness of the Shark Shield, which many divers and surfers use in the water to repel sharks. Port Lincoln abalone diver Peter Clarkson was taken by two […]

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Baby threshers under study

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Before dawn last week, the crew of the fishing boat Outer Banks set four miles of long-lines off San Diego Harbor, angling for a good catch of young thresher sharks in hopes of preserving the fishery. Through an annual study, scientists from the National Marine Fisheries Service capture, tag and track thresher sharks —- a popular commercial […]

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Orcas chow down sharks

VANCOUVER ISLAND (CANADA)- Scientist John Ford with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada didn’t know what he saw at first. Hyperventilating orcas, a wild feeding frenzy and chunks of oily meat floating on the sea. The orcas of the coast of Vancouver Island weren’t feeding on salmon of sea lions. No they were having a feast of shark meat! […]

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