CHARLESTON (USA)- A satellite tracking system identified a 16-foot great white shark several miles inland inside the mouth of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. The shark’s appearance in a branch of the Wando River, several miles inside the mouth of Charleston harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, caused a lot of stir.Continue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Animal biologists at the University of Western Australia have revealed that the brains of great white sharks share similarities in terms of the regions dedicated to visual input to those found in human brains. Structures in great white shark brains similar to those found in humans could be the keyContinue Reading

CHEYENNE (USA)- A study published last week by the University of Wyoming show that great whites have a much broader diet than, as we often think, just seals. Many of the Pacific great white sharks they sampled were generalists who took different prey in varying locations. Some sharks were nearshoreContinue Reading

BAFFIN ISLAND (CANADA)- Researchers have started tagging Greenland sharks in the cold waters off Baffin Island, in the Canadian Arctic sea. The tagging is part of a research of the University of Windsor with the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans in an effort to eventually establish commercial fisheries for Inuit.Continue Reading