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New glow-in-the-dark shark species discovered

Stephen M. Kajiura, Ph.D., study co-author, a professor of biological sciences and director of the Elasmobranch Research Laboratory in FAU's Charles E. Schmidt College of Science shows the newly discovered shark.

Like finding a needle in a haystack. This summer a team of scientists discovered a new species of shark measuring less than a foot long and weighing under 2 pounds full-grown. This miniature, “glow-in-the-dark” shark is a member of the Lanternshark family (Squaliformes: Etmopteridae), which was serendipitously found 1,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Northwestern […]

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VIDEO: Interview with survivor

HAWAII (USA)-  25-year old surfer Jeff Horton was surfing near Kilauea, Hawaii, when a tiger shark attacked. It grabbed his legs, jerking them. Horton pulled his left leg out of the water and got on the surfboard, but was knocked off when the shark began to chomp on the board. He rolled onto the shark, grabbed a fin and started punching. […]

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Attacks increase by shark migrations

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Traditionally they say in Hawaii that in the fall it is more dangerous to swim in the ocean. Chances are bigger of getting bitten by a shark. A recent study shows that there could be something behind this folk wisdom. In the fall, an increased number of tiger sharks make their way to the islands, likely to give […]

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Shark attacks in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Yesterday a woman was bitten in her upper torso by a shark while enjoying a morning swim in the waters off the Hawaii island of Maui. Swimming She was swimming about 30 feet from the shore of the rocky point at Ulua Beach Park when the shark grabbed her. Officials would not reveal the extent of her injuries, […]

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VIDEO: Riding a great white

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Hawaiian shark conservation advocate Ocean Ramsey made the worldwide internet news. She swam out of the cage with a great white shark off the coast of Mexico, making it look really easy and peaceful. Ramsey, a free-diving expert, recently took a risk few others in the world have dared – swimming in open water with several adult great […]

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118 Shark incidents worldwide

MIAMI (USA)- 2012 has seen more unprovoked shark attacks worldwide than the year before. In general, the number of shark attacks has grown at a steady pace since 1900, with each decade having more attacks than the previous. The International Shark Attack File (ISAF), the world’s most recognized source on shark attacks, made their annual announcement this week.  Unprovoked attacks […]

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Shark attacks in Hawaiian waters

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- A 61-year old man from Oregan, USA, was bitten on the leg by a tiger shark last week in off Kihei, Hawaii. He was the fourth victim of shark bites in the past few weeks in Hawaiian waters. Hawaiian experts are still guessing why there have been so many attacks in a short period of time in one […]

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