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Great white feasts on whale

SANTA BARBARA (USA)- Two brothers and diving buddies Peter and Trevor Fulks were returning from a dive trip to the Channel Islands with the Ocean Defenders Alliance when they spotted the carcass of a dead minke whalein the Santa Barbara Channel at 3 p.m., about seven miles from shore. A great snack for great whites. Luckily for us the two brothers captured it on video. […]

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VIDEO: Slaughter of whale sharks

GUJARAT (INDIA)- Through the SharkNewz Daily I stumbled upon this shocking video on the slaughter of whale sharks off the Indian coast. It is a shortened version of the award-winning film ‘Shores of Silence’. This film moved the government of India into bringing in legislation and banning the killing of the Whale Sharks on Indian shores. The Whale Shark was declared […]

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VIDEO: Great white attacks boat

MELBOURNE (AUSTRALIA)- Three fishermen off the coast of Australian state Victoria have captured on film the moment a 5m great white shark attacked their tiny fishing boat. The three men were tuna fishing at Cape Nelson, off Portland, near the Victorian and South Australian border, when the huge shark started to circle the vessel. They said it then suddenly became […]

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Feeding frenzy on camera

ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK (USA)- Imagine standing on the ocean’s edge about to go in and then seeing dozens of sharks flying out of the water in a wild feeding frenzy. Beachgoers on Island Beach, in Ocean County (New Jersey) had this experience last thursday. One of them captured the feeding frenzy on video. It became a YouTube sensation, where sharks can be […]

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