ESPERANCE (AUSTRALIA)-  Australian authorities have released a catch-and-kill order for the sharkt hat attacked and seriously injured an abalone diver off the coast of Esperance earlier today. The man was treated at the hospital for bite wounds, mainly to his torso, and was stabilised. He also has minor injuries toContinue Reading

STUART (USA)- A teenage surfer was attacked by a blacktip reef shark while he was posing for pictures in waist-deep waters off the Florida-town of Stuart. The shark bit him on the right hand. The young surfer needed 12 stitches. The 16-year-old  says he hit the shark with his surfboard and then ranContinue Reading

REUNION ISLAND (FRANCE)- A man 36-year-old French was attacked and killed by a shark while surfing near a beach on the tropical French island of Reunion. He was on the island celebrating his honeymoon. His wife was sunbathing nearby on the beach. The man was in the sea just offContinue Reading

NEW SMYRNA BEACH (USA)- The self pronounced “Shark Bite Capital of the World”, New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County in the state of Florida, has had its first bite of the year. A 21-year old surfer was paddling out to catch some waves when a shark bit the surfer inContinue Reading

NEW YORK CITY (USA)- Even close to one of the biggest cities in the world great whites are found. A surfer of Rockaway Beach in the borough of Queens was shocked to see a photo he took while surfing. A fully-grown, great white shark had passed under his feet while he was ridingContinue Reading

DIAMOND HEAD (AUSTRALIA)- A paddle boarder had part of his hand bitten off friday as he attempted to fight off a what is believed to be a bull shark. It happened off the coast of Diamond Head, a national park south of Port Macquari, New South Wales. Attack The sharkContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- A rare ocean heat wave may to be blame for the recent spike in shark attacks in western Australia. That’s what scientist of the West Australian Department of Fisheries claim. The scientists suggest that a 5-degree rise in water temperature last summer may have sparked the increase inContinue Reading