Delaware shark washed ashore. Photo courtesy: Colby Beaumont.

MURIWAI BEACH (NEW ZEALAND)- At Muriwai Beach, New Zealand a rare pregnant oceanic whitetip shark washed up ashore. The Department of Conservation speaks of an ‘exceptional find’. In the eastern US state of Delaware beachgoers rescued a washed up shark.

Oceanic whitetip
The oceanic whitetip is the only one of her species ever to have been found on a New Zealand beach and was pregnant with 12 pups. The species usually live in tropical waters and have become endangered due to its popularity in shark-fin soup.

The oceanic whitetip has a bad reputation as a man-eating shark and is considered to be dangerous because it will eat anything, according to the Department of Conservation.

The person who found the shark tried to save the pups and delivered them when he saw one sticking out, but they did not survive. The shark will be embalmed for research at the Auckland Museum of Natural Sciences . The pups will also be used to find out more about the species, especially its diet and anatomy.

Live shark
In Delaware, USA, a man made a startling discovery when he hit Rehoboth Beach last week. A live shark on the beach. He tried to push the shark back into the water by prodding it with driftwood, but it was too heavy and didn’t budge.

Smooth dogfish
Another person dragged the shark by the tail and got it back into the water. The shark was estimated to be 4 ½ feet-long. Delaware state scientists who reviewed the photographs said it looked like a smooth dogfish shark.