QUITO (ECUADOR)- Conservationists are rejoicing at the listing of 21 species of sharks and rays under the Appendices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), made official today in the final plenary session of the Conference of Parties (CoP). With these listings, member countries agreed to grant strict protection toContinue Reading

DESTIN (USA) – Two bathers at the Floridan beach of Destin didn’t realize they were really close to a big hammerhead shark until some guys from the balcony shouted at them. The shark had no interest at all in the humans and was chasing after a fish. Sharing the watersContinue Reading

ORLANDO (USA) – A fisherman in a kayak was dragged out to sea when a hammerhead shark took his bait. For two hours long the man was dragged by the shark for a ‘ride to remember.’ Reuters reported that 22-year-old Adam Fisk posted a 5-minute-video of his adventure to YouTube, callingContinue Reading

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Indonesia and India account for more than a fifth of global shark catches, according to the wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, which published a report Into The Deep today.  EU The two countries were named as the world’s biggest catchers of sharks in an EU-backed probe into implementing aContinue Reading

BANGKOK (THAILAND)- After reporting yesterday here on Sharknewz.com that the Ocean Whitetip will  be more protected, two more speciess of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok. The Porbeagle and three varieties of Hammerhead sharks. Shark conservationists worldwide hailed the move asContinue Reading

INHAMBANE (MOZAMBIQUE)- The Mozambiqe coastline is devastated because of the Chines appetite for shark fin soup. Mantas and hammerhead sharks will disappear from this divers’ paradise if the plunder isn’t stopped. Read more in this impressive piece by David Smith at The Guardian. Tweet