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17 great whites spotted in one day off Cape Cod

Great white. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

CHATHAM (USA)- New England is becoming more and more a hotspot for great whites. Last week scientists spotted no more than 17 great whites within a few miles of the Cape Cod shore. While a few thousand kilometers south people are experiencing a different kind of ‘summer of sharks’, in Massachusetts they are very happy. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy […]

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Atlantic great whites grow up slower than we thought


WOODS HOLE (USA)- Great whites, like all other sharks, are slow-growing, long-lived animals with low reproduction rates. They are fished commercially throughout the world. A new study confirms how important it is to be more careful about this. White sharks in the western North Atlantic grow more slowly and mature much later than previously thought.  The findings, published online in Marine […]

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Shark warnings Cape Cod

Great white. Photo Credit Must Be: M. Scholl, Save Our Seas Foundation

CHATHAM (USA) – Swimmers on Cape Cod (inspiration for the isle of Amity in Jaws) are warned for the presence of great white sharks. Town harbor officials posted “No Swimming” signs past weekend on remote parts of South Beach after a 12- to 14-foot shark was sighted in protected waters near there. The area is south of lifeguarded beaches, but […]

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Fewer great whites off Cape Cod

CHATHAM,(USA)- Less great white sharks seem to visit the waters off Cape Cod this year. That’s what the researchers of Ocearch learned. In 2012 they tagged 17 great whites. Only 3 of those have returned this year. Ocearch has started a Shark Search to learn more about these great predators of the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Ocearch has become famous for […]

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Beach closed for great white

NAUSET BEACH (USA)- Officials have closed down Nauset Beach at Cape Cod after a confirmed sighting of a great white shark. The shark’s dorsal fin was seen about 150 yards off the beach on sunday morning. Swimmers were asked to get out of the water, and surrounding towns and the Cape Cod National Seashore were notified. The shark was estimated to be between 12 […]

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Shark warning for Cape Cod

CAPE COD (USA)- Swimmers and boaters beware. The great whites are coming back to Cape Cod in the summer. While the flocks of tourists and summer residents begin their migration to the Cape so do the sharks. The municipalities of the Cod are cautioning swimmers and boaters to stay safe. The sharks will number more than before, so say experts. They […]

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Great white tracked by Ocearch

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Scientists at Ocearch are tracking a big great white shark by gps off the eastern coast of the USA. They called her Mary Lee, after the mom of one of the researchers. She was tracked while swimming from Cape Cod to South Carolina and Georgia. See the video at San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel […]

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