SALOU (SPAIN)- In the waters of the popular Catalan resort town Salou a 16-year old boy was attacked by a shark. The boy was playing with an inflatable mattress in shallow water when he was bitten on the right hand. He needed thirty stitches. Witnesses could not exactly identify theContinue Reading

MANACCAN (UK)-  A blue shark was found, far from his offshore habitat, in a secluded creek in British Cornwall. A group of boat hands rescued the shark who was found thrashing about with a hook embedded in its dorsal fin. The three boat hands from Sailaway St Anthony boat hireContinue Reading

BARCELONA (SPAIN)- Barcelona beaches were briefly shut down this week after lifeguards spotted three blue sharks close to the shore. Earlier this year Spanish fishermen caught a rare thresher shark off the Costa Brava. Are sharks rediscovering the Spanish mediterranean coast? The sharks were spotted as close as two metersContinue Reading

NELSON (NEW ZEALAND)- A video of a blue shark eating a smaller shark off the line of which is just got caught by some fishermen has gone viral worldwide over the past holidays. The video is believed to have been shot in Tasman Bay near Nelson, on New Zealand’s South Island. AContinue Reading

CAMBER SANDS (UK)-Nikki Lambert was just walking the dog on the Sussex beach of Camber Sands when he stumbled upon a 5-foot blue shark. Dead and washed up ashore. It’s the second blue shark washed ashore in a week. Last week a dead blue shark was found alongside a townContinue Reading