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Protection for Caribbean sharks

Oceanic whitetip. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Michael Aston.

MIAMI (USA)- An important first step was taken towards the regional protection of sharks throughout the Caribbean. At the request of the Netherlands, regional governments last week recommended eight species of sharks and rays for protection under the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) Protocol.  Delegates from 14 Caribbean countries including Caribbean Netherlands (Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire), Aruba, Curaçao […]

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Costa Rica wants to export 1200 kg hammerhead fins


SAN JOSE (COSTA RICA)- Government officials and environmentalists in Costa Rica are in disagreement on what to do with more than 1,200 kilograms of shark fins — the equivalent of about 2,000 hammerhead sharks — allegedly caught as bycatch and set to be exported to Asia. The disagreement extends to regulations published in February that environmentalists contend further threaten dwindling and […]

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Will Australia stop protecting hammerheads and threshers?

Diving with thresher sharks. Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons.

CANBERRA (AUSTRALIA)- The Australian government is, according to The Guardian, submitting a “reservation” against three species of thresher shark and two species of hammerhead shark listed as protected migratory species under the UN-administered convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals. The five types of shark were among 31 species granted new protection status at a convention summit […]

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Illegal Fishing: A Shark Challenge

Modern day pirates cross the oceans not for gold, but for shark fins, writes Lindsay Jennings, researcher at the Marine Conservation Institute on Sharkdefenders.com. Illegal fishing leads to the indiscriminate catching of millions of sharks each year, driving down populations. Just to try  to fulfill global demand for shark products while . “Forget the idea of an eye-patch wearing, sword-wielding, […]

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More protection for 21 species

QUITO (ECUADOR)- Conservationists are rejoicing at the listing of 21 species of sharks and rays under the Appendices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), made official today in the final plenary session of the Conference of Parties (CoP). With these listings, member countries agreed to grant strict protection to the reef manta, the nine devil rays, and the five […]

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Sharing the water with a shark

DESTIN (USA) – Two bathers at the Floridan beach of Destin didn’t realize they were really close to a big hammerhead shark until some guys from the balcony shouted at them. The shark had no interest at all in the humans and was chasing after a fish. Sharing the waters with sharks doesn’t automatically mean we’re in danger….. Tweet

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Shark drags man out to sea

ORLANDO (USA) – A fisherman in a kayak was dragged out to sea when a hammerhead shark took his bait. For two hours long the man was dragged by the shark for a ‘ride to remember.’ Reuters reported that 22-year-old Adam Fisk posted a 5-minute-video of his adventure to YouTube, calling it “Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak by 11 […]

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