RAJA AMPAT (INDONESIA)- In 2005 conservationists and local villagers in the remote Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat worked together to create the Misool Eco Resort and Conservation Center, establishing a 165-square-mile “No-Take Zone” that banned fishing. These faraway islands in Western Papua, regarded by many marine experts as having theContinue Reading

CANCUN (MEXICO)- Swimming with whale sharks has become so popular worldwide that scientists, environmentalists and even ecotourism operators are calling for new limits on human contact. The world’s biggest fish is a solitary creature but occasionally gathers in large groups, or aggregations, to feast on everything from plankton to fishContinue Reading

EAGLEHAWK NECK (TASMANIA)- Shark cage diving may be the next big tourist attraction of Tasmania. Local business men are forming plans. ‘Our waters are a natural haven for ocean predators including mako sharks and white pointers. There’s always a lots of shark sightings down here. Plans are under way forContinue Reading