BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA)- The Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory has announced steps for better protection of Scalopped and Great Hammerhead Sharks.  Fishery management controls around hammerhead sharks have been strengthened to help prevent them being listed as an endangered species. According to the government of the Australian State listing them asContinue Reading

SAN JOSE (COSTA RICA)- Conservation groups Turtle Island Restoration Network and PRETOMA have found evidence that Costa Rica is exporting hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) to plates in Hong Kong by way of stop-overs on U.S. soil. Eastern Pacific Scalloped hammerhead sharks are listed as “endangered” under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA). The exportContinue Reading

NUKULUA (FIJI)- About 50 dead juvenile sharks washed ashore on Nukulau, Fiji. It is believed that they could be the unborn pups of a pregnant female Hammerhead that was killed at sea. Another cruel proof of the terrible trade called shark finning. According to internationally recognised shark expert Dr DemianContinue Reading

CHARLESTON (USA)- Scientists at the College of Charleston in South Carolina have been mapping the existing shark species and found amongst the 574 species they discover, 79 potentially new ones. The outcome of the genetic analysis, which was reported in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, suggests more overlooked speciesContinue Reading