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Di Caprio calls fans for shark bill

LOS ANGELES (USA)- Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio is pleading with fans in California to back a bill banning the sale of shark fins in this U.S state. The Titanic star, a passionate animal rights campaigner, previously wrote a letter to officials in support of Assembly Bill 376, which would make it illegal to possess, sell or trade sought-after fins. Now DiCaprio is ramping […]

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White sharks on exhibit

MONTEREY (USA)- For the sixth time, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has a young great white shark on exhibit. He was brought to Monterey from Malibu Wednesday, August 31, just thirteen days after he was collected by aquarium staff in waters off southern California near Marina del Rey. Young shark The young shark, a four-foot, seven-inch male weighing 43.2 […]

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Dutch fisherman auction porbeagle

SCHEVENINGEN (THE NETHERLANDS)- At the fish market at Scheveningen port fishermen from the Dutch town of Katwijk sold a rare porbeagle shark of nearly three metres and 135 kg in weight. It was the second porbeagle in a short period that was auctioned in Scheveningen. The Netherlands is not exactly a country famous for its sharks swimming in its waters.  […]

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