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Oceanic whitetips close to home

NASSAU (BAHAMAS)- Research indicated that although their reputation for being open ocean dwellers oceanic whitetip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus ) spend most of their lives in a certain area. In the case of a research by an US-led team of marine biologists, the Bahamas. The researchers also found that the sharks spent about 68 percent of their time in Bahamian waters, which is good news […]

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More sharks species protected

BANGKOK (THAILAND)-35 countries worldwide have now submitted seven species of vulnerable sharks and manta rays for consideration for protection next year under an international treaty concerned with regulating wildlife trade. The recommendations include porbeagle and oceanic whitetip sharks, three species of hammerhead sharks, and two types of manta rays. Governments met the deadline today and formally submitted their proposals for […]

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New Zealand protects whitetip

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)-  From early next year, the deliberate catching of oceanic whitetip sharks will become illegal in New Zealand waters, the government announced Thursday. Whitetip sharks are to get the same protected status under New Zealand’s 1953 Wildlife Act as the great white shark and basking shark. According to Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson international research showed the species  facing high […]

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