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In search of great whites in Canadian waters

HALIFAX (CANADA)-Great whites in Canada? Yeah for sure. Research group Ocearch is starting a research expedition next week in Nova Scotia, the east coast province of Canada. The researchers are looking for name suggestions for the sharks they find lurking in these cold waters. Ocearch is famous for tagging and tracking the great-white-darling Hilton’s visits to Nova Scotia recently. Great […]

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Porbeagle shark still at risk

HALIFAX (CANADA)- The future for porbeagle sharks is still not looking too bright. A decade after being declared an endangered species only a quart remains of the population that was around in the ‘60’s. The porbeagle shark remains at risk, says a group of Canadian scientists. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) re-examined the porbeagle’s […]

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