HALIFAX (CANADA)-Great whites in Canada? Yeah for sure. Research group Ocearch is starting a research expedition next week in Nova Scotia, the east coast province of Canada. The researchers are looking for name suggestions for the sharks they find lurking in these cold waters.

Ocearch is famous for tagging and tracking the great-white-darling Hilton’s visits to Nova Scotia recently. Great whites apparently are no strangers to these waters. Last year a shark called Pumpkin cruised Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin to feast on an abundance of seals. In the past, Ocearch said they believe Nova Scotia waters could be a popular spot for great whites during their mating season.

With more sharks known to be exploring Nova Scotia’s coastline, the Ocearch researchers are seeking Nova Scotia-inspired shark names.

“We like to give sharks names that have geographical or historical significance to the area where the shark was tagged,” said OCEARCH in a Facebook post.

“For example, Hilton was named after Hilton Head, South Carolina, the town he was tagged near.”

So far, Facebook users have suggested “Alexander” — for either Alexander Graham Bell, credited with inventing the telephone, or Alexander Keith, credited with inventing delicious ales — and “Maud,” in reference to Nova Scotia painter Maud Lewis.

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