MOLLYMOOK (AUSTRALIA)- A 17-year-old boy was attacked by a shark while spearfishing off Bannisters Point at Mollymook in southeast Australia. The culprit was unsuspected: a wobbegong shark. The shark was lying on the ocean floor. Locals believe it was most likely a wobbegong, a name given to 12 species ofContinue Reading

NEW SOUTH WALES (AUSTRALIA)- A 51-year-old man has suffered severe puncture wounds after being attacked by a grey nurse shark off the coast of New South Wales. The fisherman was attempting to free three sharks trapped in his net when the animal struck. Saunders has been taken to hospital followingContinue Reading

DIAMOND HEAD (AUSTRALIA)- A paddle boarder had part of his hand bitten off friday as he attempted to fight off a what is believed to be a bull shark. It happened off the coast of Diamond Head, a national park south of Port Macquari, New South Wales. Attack The sharkContinue Reading