DUNSBOROUGH (AUSTRALIA)- A group of kids off an Australian beach got the scare of their lifetime. Just meters away the ocean surface broke with the dorsal fin of a great white. A shark net prevented a real encounter between the shark and the children.

According to WA Today it was a diver that spotted the white shark’s fin breaking the surface of the water near Old Dunsborough Beach. He was stunned to see that the animal was just meters away from a group of 30 to 40 children playing within a shark net. Spurring the shark away from the kids and into deeper water with his boat, the diver noted that the predator’s dorsal fin was damaged.

The sighting comes amid reports that a white shark is loitering in the waters of Geographe Bay, off Dunsborough. As the West Australian notes, ECU science lecturer Rob Holt pointed out that his sources in the local fishing and surfing communities had alerted him to the shark’s presence.

The incident was shot on video:

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