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Another fatal attack at Reunion Island

Shark warning sign on beach at Reunion Island. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Simon Bonaventure.

REUNION ISLAND (FRANCE)- The French tropical island of Reunion is one of the hotspots for shark attacks. Last sunday a young surfer was killed. It is the 16th shark attack since 2011, and the 7th death. Authorities immediately put in place a “post-attack procedure” in a bid to capture the shark. Specialised boats were deployed in the area to try […]

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Fatal attack on Reunion Island


ISLE OF REUNION (FRANCE)- The tropical island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean can be considered as a hotspot for shark attacks. Last Saturday another person died after being attacked by a shark. A woman was struck by a shark while swimming in the sea at a beach in southwestern l’Etang-Sale. The victim, who was around 20-years-old, suffered severe wounds […]

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Children come face-to-face with great white

Great white of Dunsbourogh beach. Photo: Twitter.

DUNSBOROUGH (AUSTRALIA)- A group of kids off an Australian beach got the scare of their lifetime. Just meters away the ocean surface broke with the dorsal fin of a great white. A shark net prevented a real encounter between the shark and the children. According to WA Today it was a diver that spotted the white shark’s fin breaking the […]

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Shark cull jeopardises beach safety

Shark killing in Western Australia

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The Western Australian government is jeopardising beach safety by using tagging data to track a great white shark it has marked for culling. So say shark experts in The Guardian in reaction to the announcement of the State’s Department of Fisheries Friday that it would deploy capture gear to “take” a tagged white shark. This shark had been […]

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Eel swallows whole shark

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- We’ve seen orcas and crocs attacking and eating big sharks but never could anyone think that a moray eel could pose a real threat to sharks. This video shows otherwise.  Divers spotted this giant moray eel snagging a small white-tipped shark for breakfast.The eel manages to swallow the shark whole, using its giant hinged jaw to gulp the […]

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