Rare footage of a six-gill shark in its environment

Six-gill shark. Photo: Seattle Aquarium.

There are so many shark videos circling the internet, but this shark is not often among them: the six-gill shark. This primitive shark was around in the time of the dinosaurs and is the world’s third-largest predatory shark. A team working with OceanGate, an organization that provides subsea research and exploration, filmed the shark alongside a posse of dogfish earlier this month. […]

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Dutch Caribbean Shark Week kicks off

341940Tiger shark with lemon sharks. FlickrCC:Kevin Bryant

Tomorrow, the Dutch Caribbean Shark Week kicks off. From June 18th to 26th throughout the Dutch Kingdom numerous events and activities will be hosted highlighting the importance of better protection of sharks. From The Netherlands to the Caribbean islands Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten.  In the Netherlands, as well as on the islands , Jörgen Raymann is an ambassador for […]

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Snorkel trip meets great white in Florida

Great white of Dunsbourogh beach. Photo: Twitter.

ISLAMORADA (USA)- Foreign exchange students who were exploring the underwater beauty of Florida at Alligator Reef were suddenly yelled out of the water when all of a sudden a 4 meter big great white came cruising by. Under water suddenly the barracudas ran away. Franco Sorvetto, one of the exchange program organizers, saw it then — a great white shark only 7 […]

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Japanese fishermen hook Megamouth shark


It is one of the most amazing sharks of them all: the megamouth. A deep water shark with, as its name suggest, as huge impressive mouth. Japanese fishermen caught one as bycatch yesterday near the Mie Prefecture around three miles off the Owase Port. It is estimated the shark weighed around one ton (907kg) and was around 5 metres long. […]

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Sharks on the rise in Iceland

Dead Greenland shark for hákla production in Iceland. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Audrey.

Shark news from Iceland? That country where people kill sharks, let them rot and then eat them as a snack with strong liquor. Turns out that shark populations are on the rise in surrounding waters of this Nordic country. Especially around Reynisfjara, scientists found an enormous increase in shark populations of 400%, so reports the website the Reykjavik Grapevine. Hákarl The […]

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