Anti-shark nets must keep beachgoers Reunion safe

Good waves at Reunion beaches. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons-Dpasquazzo

With idyllic landscapes facing the sea, Reunion Island is a destination that naturally invites visitors to relax, enjoy, and dream. But recent years the beautiful seas surrounding the island became also known as somewhat of a hotspot for shark attacks. Beaches were closed and swimming was forbidden. Until now.  Yesterday, the prefecture lifted the no swimming order for the beaches of […]

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Cuba announces plan to save its sharks

Hammerhead silhouette. Photo: Creative Commons/Istolethetv.

Cuban shark populations have been in rapid decline due to overfishing, demand for shark fins and accidental catches. The government of the Carribean isle has launched a long-term plan to protect its sharks. Cuba’s plan was announced after two years of work with the US-based Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). In it, fishermen are obliged to record and limit shark catches […]

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