PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- A rare ocean heat wave may to be blame for the recent spike in shark attacks in western Australia. That’s what scientist of the West Australian Department of Fisheries claim. The scientists suggest that a 5-degree rise in water temperature last summer may have sparked the increase inContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Beaches at Scarborough and Trigg, Perth, were closed immediately when more than a dozen tiger sharks were seen circling just feet from shore off Australian’s West Coast. Up to 16 tiger sharks fed off a dolphin carcass around just 20 meters from one of Perth’s most popular beaches.Continue Reading

COTTLESTOE BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- It is believed that a 64-year old swimmer at Western Australia’s Cottesloe Beach who went missing last year October was attacked by a great white shark. A coronial inquest on his suspected death was done this week. The 64-year old man from Mosman Park disappeared on OctoberContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Is tossing dead sheep into the ocean the reason for the exceptional high number of shark attacks off the coast of Western Australia this past year? Concerned conservationists have called for more research on this potential link between attacks on humans and dead sheep thrown into the oceanContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Animal biologists at the University of Western Australia have revealed that the brains of great white sharks share similarities in terms of the regions dedicated to visual input to those found in human brains. Structures in great white shark brains similar to those found in humans could be the keyContinue Reading

FRIDAY HARBOR (USA)- ‘A shark-hating fatah, calling for their total annihilation’. That’s how Captain Paul Watson, founder and president of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society names the decision Western Australia made to kill any great white that comes in distance of beachgoers. Watson wrote lengthy commentary about how small the chancesContinue Reading