HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Yesterday a woman was bitten in her upper torso by a shark while enjoying a morning swim in the waters off the Hawaii island of Maui. Swimming She was swimming about 30 feet from the shore of the rocky point at Ulua Beach Park when the shark grabbedContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- A company called Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) and the University of Western Australia scientists together have been working to protect swimmers, surfers and divers from getting attacked on with a line of shark-deterring wet suits. Colorblind One version, “Elude,” camouflages the wearer in the water, based on the recentContinue Reading

SARASOTA (USA)- Too many incidents with sharks are being called ‘attacks’. That’s misleading. Scientists from the US and Australia propose a new classification to support more accurate reporting of shark-human interactions. Shark Attack Capital Florida is often called the “Shark Attack Capital of the World.” But that’s very misleading,” saidContinue Reading

VERO BEACH (USA)- A 21 year old surfer was bitten Tuesday on his arm while he was surfing at Sebastian Inlet State Park off the coast of Florida, USA.  The man was paddling over a deep trough roughly 25 yards offshore when the shark, estimated to be up to fiveContinue Reading

JACKSONVILLE BEACH (USA)- Tropical storm Beryl left behind plenty of downed trees and flooded streets, but also a lot of sharks in the offshore waters off the eastern central coast of the US state of Florida. Surfers in central Florida say they have seen an increase in the number of sharks inContinue Reading