BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Finally shark finning is complety banned from European waters. The European parliament last Thursday called a definitive halt to the long contested practice of fishermen slicing off fins and throwing the live mutilated sharks overboard to drown. Shark finning was prohibited by the EU already in 2003 butContinue Reading

PUNTARENAS (COSTA RICA)- Good work by the National Coast Guard Service of Costa Ric. Earlier this week officers boarded a fishing vessel off the Pacific coast and arrested three individuals suspected of shark fin poaching. According to an official press release issued by Sergio Lopez Murillo of the Ministry ofContinue Reading

TAIPEI (TAIWAN) –For one year long The Society of Wilderness tested sharks in the waters around Taiwan. Conclusion: nearly 60 percent of the sharks in the waters around the island are listed as threatened species by the international community. The group therefore calls for intensified efforts to conserve sharks andContinue Reading

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- European Union nations this week backed a complete ban on the practice of removing sharks’ fins before throwing the fish back into the sea to die. The EU nations said they want all boats in their waters and EU-registered boats anywhere in the world to land sharks withContinue Reading

PUERTO LOPEZ (ECUADOR)- Ecuador and Honduras are the only Latin American countries that have officially outlawed the practice, winning them plaudits for their efforts to protect endangered sharks. Mexico announced plans to ban all shark fishing starting next year. Still the Ecuadorian law  allows fishermen who accidentally catch sharks in theirContinue Reading

HUNTINGTON BEACH (USA)- Fishing sharks for fun. On Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles, a couple of anglers on the pier film their catch of the day: a juvenile white shark. But putting the footage on YouTube wasn’t so smart. Now the angler who caught the shark is under investigation. Continue Reading