GILBERT ISLANDS (KIRIBATI)- Overfishing is not just a sign of modern times. Hundreds of years ago species vanished by overfishing. That is the important conclusion of a study of ancient Pacific weaponry. In Kiribati at least two shark species. A collection of vicious weapons made of shark teeth reveals thatContinue Reading

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Hawaiian shark conservation advocate Ocean Ramsey made the worldwide internet news. She swam out of the cage with a great white shark off the coast of Mexico, making it look really easy and peaceful. Ramsey, a free-diving expert, recently took a risk few others in the world haveContinue Reading

GUADELUPE ISLAND (MEXICO)- Researchers have for the first time found hard evidence that the small cookiecutter sharks go after one of the world’s most fearsome predators, the great white. One of the world’s smallest sharks, they have been known to prey on a wide variety of marine animals, including swordfish,Continue Reading

CHEYENNE (USA)- A study published last week by the University of Wyoming show that great whites have a much broader diet than, as we often think, just seals. Many of the Pacific great white sharks they sampled were generalists who took different prey in varying locations. Some sharks were nearshoreContinue Reading

Shark Stewards has filed a petition with the Federal Government to protect the North East Pacific population of great white sharks under the Endangered Species Act. Take action now to support our petition. Concurrently, Shark Stewards are appealing to protect these sharks under the California Endangered Species Act.  More information and theContinue Reading