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New York beach cleared after shark sighting


NEW YORK CITY (USA)- Yesterday, Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, was closed for a while by lifeguards after a bather reported seeing a shark. Rockaway Beach in Queens was filled with hundreds of people enjoying the nice weather. An Instagram user named Patricia Carbone estimated that the waters were evacuated from about 123rd Street to the far end of […]

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Two teens severely injured in shark attacks

Oak Island beach (Flickr CC)

OAK ISLAND (USA)- Yesterday two teenagers were attacked by sharks in the waters off Oak Island, North Carolina. First a 12-year old girl was attacked in the late afternoon and was severely injured. She was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where her left arm was amputated below the elbow. She also suffered tissue trauma to her her left […]

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Shark attack in Egypt: 52-year old man dies

Red sea coast in Egypt

CAIRO (EGYPT)- A 52-year old man from Germany has been killed in a shark attack on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. An Egyptian security official said the shark bit off the man’s leg in the attack on Saturday and his body was later moved to a local hospital. Police were conducting an investigation. Similar attacks on the same coast have happened […]

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Repelling sharks with magnetic waves

Surfing. Photo: Will Warasila.

A wristband that will protect you from inquisitive sharks while you are surfing or snorkeling. SharkBanz claims to repel sharks with magnetic waves. From reefsharks to bull sharks and even tiger sharks. SharkNewz spoke with Nathan Garrison, who invented the device together with his father, David. But how does it work exactly?  “I’m fascinated with sharks, partly because of their […]

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Shark alertness in New South Wales


BALLINA (AUSTRALIA)- Lifeguards have renewed their plea not to swim at Ballina beaches following Monday’s fatal shark attack. A 41-year old surfer from Japan got killed last monday in a shark attack near Ballina on the New South Wales north coast. The state is living its ‘summer of sharks’ with earlier incidents at Newcastle and an earlier attack last sunday 20 […]

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5m Great White circles tiny fishingboat

Great white. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

NEWCASTLE (AUSTRALIA)- More shark news from the area of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Although some of the beaches have been reopened, sharks are still around. Two fishermen in a tinny got the scare of their lives when a 5 meter great white shark circled their boat and hit it with its tail. The shark circled the tinnie, swam underneath […]

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Summer of sharks in New South Wales?


NEWCASTLE (AUSTRALIA)- The coastline of Australia’s New South Wales is living its ‘summer of sharks’ with the beaches of Newcastle being closed for the seventh day in a row after sharks continue to be close to the shore. A big great white shark of at least 5 meters keeps patrolling the beaches of Newcastle. A 22-year-old local surfer told The Newcastle Herald […]

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