Bull shark at Macleay Island
Bull shark broke through safety nets at Macleay Island, Queensland.

CALOUNDRA (AUSTRALIA)- Sharks have stirred some unrest at  Australian beaches in Queensland for swimming amongst swimmers.

At Bulcock Beach, north of Brisbane, a rare dusky shark was wrestled back into the ocean by a vacationing Welshman. At Macleay Island in Moreton Bay a bull shark somehow managed to get inside a netted swimming area for children.

The 62-year old grandfather of ran to the shoreline and grabbed the shark by the tail when he saw the dorsal fin approaching children in the water.

As the shark thrashed to free itself, the Welshman fell into the waves and the creature turned and snapped its jaws inches from his leg.

The incident was captured by a local news crew. See the video below. Or read more at The Guardian.

Wildlife experts said the shark might have been so close to shore because it was sick or injured and was probably stressed and disoriented.

At Macleay Island in Moreton Bay tourists at a popular picnic spot got quite a scare when the bull shark got trapped in a little swimming area. He was released by lifesavers. See the video below.