Ocearch-scientists stabilize a great white before taking measurements.
Co-Captain Jody Whitworth and master of the M.V. Ocearch Brett McBride prepare to stabilize great white shark, Amy, before taking measurements, blood and securing a real-time technology tag. Photo courtesy of Ocearch.

HAMILTON (BERMUDA)- Mary Lee, a 16ft, 3,456lbs great white shark, is a celebrity on the internet by now. Ocearch has been tracking the big fish since it was first tagged off the coast of Cape Cod (northeast coast USA) last September.

Where the shark is swimming can be seen at the Ocearch website and Mary Lee has thousands of followers. Last she is tracked just over 100 miles to the island’s north and could reach Bermuda’s coast within the next 24 hours. Maybe Mary Lee is attracted to Bermuda’s waters by shoals of giant tuna.

For the last months she has been had been monitored in shallow waters along the Florida coastline, probably while hunting for seals, and spotted off  other east coast state shores. However she has been swimming further from the US coast, moving in a southerly direction towards Bermuda.

Great white sharks can be found in almost all coastal and offshore waters, including the northeast Atlantic, and can reach a length of more than 20ft.