‘Death to great whites’

ROTTNEST ISLAND (AUSTRALIA)- White sharks off the Western Australian coast have a price on their heads. After the third fatal shark, Texan diver George Thomas Wainwright last weekend, attack in two months, the Western Australian government has ordered any great white sharks spotted off the south west coast to be killed. Earlier this month, 64-year-old businessman Bryn Martin disappeared while […]

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Shark Shield under investigation

PORT LINCOLN (AUSTRALIA)-RAW data has finished being collected for a study investigating the effectiveness of shark repellant device Shark Shield. The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) study is looking into the effectiveness of the Shark Shield, which many divers and surfers use in the water to repel sharks. Port Lincoln abalone diver Peter Clarkson was taken by two […]

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Shark-infested golf course

BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA)- The players at the Carbrook Golf Club in the city of Brisbane better not pick their balls out of the lake. The waters are home to six big bull sharks, who have become the new attraction of the golf course. Their dorsal fins breaking the surface are a regular sight. The sharks, which are between 2.4 meters and 3 […]

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