Thresher shark in UK

Thresher shark. Photo: Flickr/PacificKlaus.

ISLE OF MAN (UK)- Off the small island of Calf of Man a rare thresher shark was spotted leaping fully out of the water. It was Calf of Man warden Simon Davies that watched the shark jump while doing a watch for sea birds on the north of the Calf . Thresher shark populations in the north-east Atlantic are classed as “near threatened”.

The thresher shark was out of the water for a few seconds giving Simon a perfect view of it. A few seconds later the animal leapt out of the water again. Davies immediately noticed the extremely long upper lobe of the tail, which can be as long as the rest of the whole body and gives the thresher shark its name.

The shark was about three metres long and, together with the distinctive tail, broad snout and long pectoral fins, identified it as a thresher shark. Thresher sharks are rare in the Irish Sea, tending to be found much further offshore.

There are only a couple of records of them ever being seen in Manx waters, one of which dates back to 1898.

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