REUNION ISLAND (France)- The summer of 2012 turned out to be a summer of shark attacks with attacks in the shallow waters off Reunion Island, the U.S New England coast and off Western Australia. The governments are considering taking the protection of these ‘man-eaters’. In Reunion Island, the French departmentContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Researchers at the UWA Oceans Institute have been researching shark attacks, following the four fatal shark attacks off the Western Australia coasts  in the last twelve months. The reason why sharks attack humans seems to differ between the species. The biggest surprise the researchers found was that sharksContinue Reading

FREMANTLE (AUSTRALIA)- Aerial shark patrols have been stepped up at the ISAF World Sailing Championships and rules changed for the competion after a large great white was spotted in the area where the competitors launch their boats each day. Last tuesday a large, probably white, shark had been swimming around Fremantle FishingContinue Reading

DUNSBOROUGH (AUSTRALIA)- Closed beaches and choppers in the air after two divers were charged by a great white in Western Australia. The sighting of sharks in the state leads to big caution in this part of Australia after the recent fatal attacks.  The two divers escaped unharmed. The divers were at Three Mile Reef,Continue Reading

ROTTNEST ISLAND (AUSTRALIA)- White sharks off the Western Australian coast have a price on their heads. After the third fatal shark, Texan diver George Thomas Wainwright last weekend, attack in two months, the Western Australian government has ordered any great white sharks spotted off the south west coast to beContinue Reading

BUNKER BAY (AUSTRALIA)- Dark seas, whales and seals had created “perfect shark conditions” when a 21-year-old bodyboarder was bitten in half and instantly killed by a suspected great white at a West Australian surf break. Surfers had seen several great whites in the area recently, which had possibly been lured byContinue Reading