GUAYMAS (MEXICO)- A great white shark measuring nearly 20 feet and weighing 2,000 pounds — according to local reports — was hauled up Sunday by commercial fishermen in the Sea of Cortez near Guaymas.

 The massive predator was dead when it was brought to the surface in a net deployedContinue Reading

FREMANTLE (AUSTRALIA)- Aerial shark patrols have been stepped up at the ISAF World Sailing Championships and rules changed for the competion after a large great white was spotted in the area where the competitors launch their boats each day. Last tuesday a large, probably white, shark had been swimming around Fremantle FishingContinue Reading

SAN FRANCISCO (USA)–Just a couple of days after the attack on a surfer at Marina State Beach, a professional surfer quits  his pro surfcontest in the cold waters of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach after saying he saw a large shark.  Hawaiian surfer Dusty Payne, 22 years old, left the surf while competingContinue Reading