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Shocking footage of damage that shark nets cause

SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA)- Today marks the end of the 2018/2019 shark netting season of New South Wales, Australia. What damage these nets cause to keep swimmers safe is dramatically shown by the graphic footage that Humane Society International (HSI) and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today released. Every year hundreds of marine animals are killed by the shark net program […]

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Australia tests shark-friendly drumlines

COFFS HARBOR (AUSTRALIA)- The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries is starting with the trial of shark management alerts and real time shark drumlines off the Coffs Coast. At the weekend the Department will host information sessions on the shark detection equipment. Supposedly these smart drumlines will help release sharks that get entangled in them. The drumlines are positioned about 500m offshore in […]

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Anti-shark nets must keep beachgoers Reunion safe

With idyllic landscapes facing the sea, Reunion Island is a destination that naturally invites visitors to relax, enjoy, and dream. But recent years the beautiful seas surrounding the island became also known as somewhat of a hotspot for shark attacks. Beaches were closed and swimming was forbidden. Until now.  Yesterday, the prefecture lifted the no swimming order for the beaches of […]

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Shark nets at Bondi Beach must go

BONDI BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- The shark nets of Bondi Beach, Sydney, have to be removed, so say experts and beachgoers alike. The nets like those that caught two great whites last week  do nothing to reduce attacks. Last Wednesday a dead shark was pulled from the Bondi nets before the carcass of a second great white was hauled from the nets […]

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New nets for Cape Town

CAPE TOWN (SOUTH AFRICA)- The council of the South-African town of Cape Town is working on implementing new shark nets in Fish Hoek. These ones are designed to keep sharks out, rather than the conventional nets that are designed to kill them. What makes Fish Hoek’s “exclusion nets” a world first is that they are being designed to be deployed […]

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20-ft great white in Sea of Cortez

GUAYMAS (MEXICO)- A great white shark measuring nearly 20 feet and weighing 2,000 pounds — according to local reports — was hauled up Sunday by commercial fishermen in the Sea of Cortez near Guaymas.

 The massive predator was dead when it was brought to the surface in a net deployed by two fishermen named Guadalupe and Baltazar, who were treated […]

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