TAIPEI (TAIWAN)- As a first country in Asia Taiwan has changed its laws and banning the practice of shark finning. With the new law it the landing of sharks in pieces is forbidden. A step forward? Yes. But the new law doesn’t stop the fishing of sharks however. Conservationalists welcomeContinue Reading

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Good news for sharks in European waters. The European Union proposed a blanket ban on shark finning. Which means fisherman can’t also bring sharks to shore to cut off their fins. Loophole That was the loophole in the current ban on finning. In this terrible practice, the finsContinue Reading

TORONTO (CANADA)-The plea for banning shark fins leads to debates all over the world. In Toronto where city council proposed to ban the sale of shark fins in the city, more than 200 people protested outside city hall yesterday. Many of the members of the large Chinese community of theContinue Reading

LOS ANGELES (USA)- Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio is pleading with fans in California to back a bill banning the sale of shark fins in this U.S state. The Titanic star, a passionate animal rights campaigner, previously wrote a letter to officials in support of Assembly Bill 376, which would make it illegal toContinue Reading