HONG KONG (CHINA)-Luxury hotel chain Shangri-La announced yesterday it will stop serving shark fin soup  at its 72 hotels worldwide. The campaign to protect the marine predators is finally gaining some ground among Chinese consumers. Not only will the Hong Kong-based group cease serving shark fin in all of itsContinue Reading

TAIPEI (TAIWAN)- As a first country in Asia Taiwan has changed its laws and banning the practice of shark finning. With the new law it the landing of sharks in pieces is forbidden. A step forward? Yes. But the new law doesn’t stop the fishing of sharks however. Conservationalists welcomeContinue Reading

TAIPEI (TAIWAN)- Big luxury major hotels in Taiwan have no plans to follow Peninsula Hotels in dropping shark fin soup from their menu. The prestigious Hong Kong hotel chain last monday announced it would stop serving shark fin. Major five-star hotels in Taiwan, including the Regent Taipei and L’Hotel de Chine Group,Continue Reading

HONGKONG (CHINA)- Good news from China, the country which is the biggest importer of dried shark fins, which mainly go into the shark fin soup. Asia’s oldest hotel chain Peninsula has declared taking the Chinese delicacy off its menus. Peninsula Hotels can be found in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chicago, BeverleyContinue Reading