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Queensland drumlines killing endangered sharks

CAIRNS (AUSTRALIA)-Lethal drumlines off the coast of Queensland, northern Australia catch and kill hundreds of non-target marine animals in the Great Barrier Reef. Humane Society International and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) have released imagery of drumlines set off the coast of Magnetic Island showing the death of endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks. Both organizations call for an end to […]

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Improved protection for hammerhead sharks in Queensland

BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA)- The Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory has announced steps for better protection of Scalopped and Great Hammerhead Sharks.  Fishery management controls around hammerhead sharks have been strengthened to help prevent them being listed as an endangered species. According to the government of the Australian State listing them as endangered would lead to more discards of the sharks as by-catch. […]

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Convicted for finning sharks

BUNDABERG (AUSTRALIA)- Two man in Queensland, Australia, were fined with thousands of dollars for finning sharks. One of the two men was found guilty of finning 49 sharks in central Queensland. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers boarded the man’s boat in Bundaberg in October last year, where they found 49 shark fins. Finning The man was convicted in the […]

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Shark chases shark onto beach

NOOSA BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- A beach was closed rapidly when one shark was chasing another out of the water. Lifesavers pulled out a dying 2 meter long bull shark onto the beach. Noosa Surf Club lifesavers on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast  quickly closed the beach after a surfer saw a large bull shark chasing a “sick” shark, and the body of a […]

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Sharks scare swimmers in Queensland

CALOUNDRA (AUSTRALIA)- Sharks have stirred some unrest at  Australian beaches in Queensland for swimming amongst swimmers. At Bulcock Beach, north of Brisbane, a rare dusky shark was wrestled back into the ocean by a vacationing Welshman. At Macleay Island in Moreton Bay a bull shark somehow managed to get inside a netted swimming area for children. The 62-year old grandfather […]

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