FOVEAUX STRAIT (NEW ZEALAND)- Dive operators in New Zealand say the Government has done nothing to keep people safe from cowboy shark tourism companies operating in the Foveaux Strait, despite repeated requests to take action. Southern Aqua Adventures owner Mike Haines said on TVNZ that Maritime New Zealand was supposedContinue Reading

PAPAMOA BEACH (NEW ZEALAND)- A section of popular Papamoa Beach was cleared yesterday when a two metre shark swam within metres of a group of people fishing on the shoreline. Police and lifeguards were alerted to the sighting and about twenty people line-fishing at the spot were urged to stayContinue Reading

WHALE ISLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- The search for the lost containers from the ship Rena which struck a reef on october 5th is stalled because of the damage done on the sonar equipment. Fingers point at mako sharks as being culprits. The world’s fastest shark, with an aggressive streak and anContinue Reading