HONG KONG (CHINA)- Hong-Kong based airline carrier Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. wednesday said it will stop shipping ‘unsustainably sourced sharks and shark-related products.’ With this move, Cathay joins a worldwide growing corporate movement against the shark-fin trade, following several luxury-hotel companies  like hotel chains Shangri-La Asia Ltd. and Peninsula Hotels,Continue Reading

HONG KONG (CHINA)- A group of renowned international marine scientistists have published an open letter to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on shark finning stating that it definitely is not sustainable as has been portrayed by some media. Read the full letter below: Tweet

HONG KONG (CHINA)-Luxury hotel chain Shangri-La announced yesterday it will stop serving shark fin soup  at its 72 hotels worldwide. The campaign to protect the marine predators is finally gaining some ground among Chinese consumers. Not only will the Hong Kong-based group cease serving shark fin in all of itsContinue Reading