PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Asia’s oldest hotel chain, the Peninsular Group has announced it will ban shark fin soup from its restaurants, beginning next year.  It’s gained praise from international conservation groups and joins other prominent hotels in taking the step. But it amounts to only small progress toward preserving some increasingly endangeredContinue Reading

ADELAIDE (AUSTRALIA)- Summer’s arrived in southern Australia. The popular coast will be crowded with people wanting to go in the ocean. Shark patrols sharply scan the waters for big predators coming too close to the people. Quite a serious job. Shark patrol flights will be making hourly sweeps along Adelaide’sContinue Reading

BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA)- The players at the Carbrook Golf Club in the city of Brisbane better not pick their balls out of the lake. The waters are home to six big bull sharks, who have become the new attraction of the golf course. Their dorsal fins breaking the surface are a regularContinue Reading

  Dead whale washed ashore (photo: POINT LOOKOUT (AUSTRALIA)- A 14.5 metre-long humpback whale carcass is attracting sharks to a beach, with swimmers being warned to stay out of the water. The whale became stranded on Main Beach 2km south of Point Lookout, Queensland, yesterday afternoon and had beenContinue Reading

COCKBURN SOUND (AUSTRALIA)- Different sightings of great whites in Cockburn Sound, Western Australia, led to an official warning by the local Department of Fisheries today. “People need to keep their personal safety in mind, while they are on the water.” A spokesman of the Department of Fisheries said. A great whiteContinue Reading

FANTOME ISLAND (AUSTRALIA)- A 48-year old man was found dead just off the coast off Fantome Island the 29th of august.  The Melbourne man, known to his friends as Rooster, was killed after he encountered trouble while trying to retrieve a vessel which broke anchor off the island about 7.30pm onContinue Reading