Interview with ‘The Sharkman’

SUVA (FIJI)- The Fiji Times have an interview with politician and shark protector Manoa Rasigatale. Named The Sharkman by marine conservationist for his campaign to save the shark from extinction. One thing he had to go and do. That’s actually go in the water and meet the predators he is protecting. “For a long time, we Fijians have always been frightened of […]

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Dutch fisherman auction porbeagle

SCHEVENINGEN (THE NETHERLANDS)- At the fish market at Scheveningen port fishermen from the Dutch town of Katwijk sold a rare porbeagle shark of nearly three metres and 135 kg in weight. It was the second porbeagle in a short period that was auctioned in Scheveningen. The Netherlands is not exactly a country famous for its sharks swimming in its waters.  […]

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