CAPE TOWN (SOUTH-AFRICA)- Clovelly Beach, near the South-African city Cape Town, is still closed. The waters are not safe yet. Last week a British swimmer was attacked here on september 28 by a great white and lost a leg. The shark is still there, gliding menacingly through swallow waters as close as 70 meters from shore.

The closing of the beach after the incident did not lead to empty beaches. Flocks of tourists are attracted to the beach, now famous for its shark attack. They hope to get a glance of the great white responsible for the attack on Michael Cohen, British expat who went swimming despite the  official shark alert.

The patience of the sharkspotters was rewarded yesterday when a big dorsal fin of a 4-meter great white broke the surface, just 70 metres away from the beach. In front of hundreds of spectators.

It is unclear if this was the same shark that attacked Michael Cohen or not. There have been three great whites frequenting this part of the South-African coastline regularly at this time of year.

Clovelly Beach is situated nearby one of the highest populations of great whites in the world. This coastline has seen a number of deaths and injuries to swimmers and surfers after shark attacks.

See the photos of the shark and read more at Daily Mail


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