Great white pointerMONTEREY (USA)- Surfer and shark attack victim Eric Tarantino of Monterey, California describes what it’s like being attacked by a great white. ‘I was lucky to get immediately into shock’. Tarantino will be back on the waves before the new year.

Tarantino survived after a great white attacked him off the coast of Marina Beach a couple of months ago.’I just remember hearing a crunch, darkness and next thing I knew was in the water, underwater’, says Eric Tarantino, shark attack victim. ‘Everything was quiet and I could see the shark.’

The scars on Tarantino’s arm and neck are almost healed but, memories of his frightening experience in the water remain. ‘I got hit out of nowhere’, says Tarantino. ‘I didn’t see anything. It hit my arm. I don’t know if I was resting or still paddling. It took me a second to realize what was going on.’

Tarantino said everything seemed normal when he paddled into the water at Marina State Beach almost two months ago, but that changed within minutes. ‘It didn’t come back to me but my arm was in its mouth,” says Tarantino. “When I opened my eyes, I pulled it out and kicked it at the same time. That’s why my arm got sliced sideways.’ The shark bit him in the arm and neck and left teeth marks on his surfboard 19 inches across. ‘I was lucky to go into instant shock and not feel any pain and get myself back to the beach,” says Tarantino. “The only real scary part is when I realized how vulnerable I was, flailing, bleeding out to sea.’

The biggest thing that Tarantino got from this whole experience was the support from the surfing community. This week, they will be giving him the exact same board that saved his life. While he’s almost physically healed, he said the true test will be mentally when he gets back in the water. ‘It’s too fun not to want to keep surfing,’ says Tarantino. ‘Getting back in the water will be a test, but that’s when I know I’m good and back to everyday and that’s what I want.’

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