GOLFITO (COSTA RICA)- Four Costa Ricans were arrested wednesday morning by the National Coast Guard (NG) on suspicion of killing sharks at sea for their fins. The officers found 122 fins from about 30 sharks inside freezers aboard a fishing vessel, southeast from Golfito, off Punta Banco, in waters in the South Pacific.

This is the second case against shark finning in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica in June alone.

The four arrested individuals are all residents of Golfito. They  were aboard the fishing vessel Yamauke, aa small 12 meters  long liner.

Since August last year there have been eight cases of shark fin poaching in the areas of Quepos, Puntarenas and Golfito.

Shark fin poaching in Costa Rica has recently been under the microscope, ever since Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was charged with poach shark fins. Watson is currently fighting extradtion back to Costa Rica in Germany.

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