The controversial PETA Ad

ANNA MARIA ISLAND (USA)- Last week a shark-attack victim had to get 800 stitches to close the flesh over his thigh bone after being attacked by a shark. The day after animal rights organization PETA launched an ad, saying shark attacks are payback. It has led to a lot of criticism.

21-year old Charles Wickersham was spear-fishing off Anna Maria Island in the Gulf of Mexico last weekend when a shark bit his leg. He had surgery Monday and is expected to be released from hospital next week.  The ad of the animal rights organization shows a bloodied leg sticking out of a shark’s mouth with the words: “Payback Is Hell. Go Vegan.”

Asked about the philosophy that drives PETA’s risque and controversial ads, a spokeswoman said it’s meant “to bring people’s attention to the ways in which animals suffer. PETA is looking for ad space such as billboard and bus-bench signs, but it hasn’t gone up yet. The shocking ad can be seen on PETA’s site.

But what about all the controverse? “We’re glad Wickersham’s going to be OK,” PETA spokeswoman Ashley Byrne told QMI Agency Saturday. “But we hope that after experiencing such pain and fear, he will consider the fact that fish feel the same pain and fear when they’re hunted. We hope that he’ll find a non-violent hobby and that other fishermen will do the same.”

 “We feel that we do have to something unusual. We believe a provocative ad is a good way to bring people to our site and raise their awareness about how animals are mistreated.”

In an article titled, Why Every Week Is Shark Week, that was posted on its site earlier this site PETA wrote: “While sharks aren’t particularly cuddly, that’s beside the point. All animals feel fear and pain, and what kind of justification can there be for the hideous cruelty involved in pulling sharks from the water, cutting off their fins, and then throwing them back into the sea to spin to the bottom while they slowly bleed to death?’

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