A 48-year old man was found dead just off the coast off Fantome Island the 29th of august.  The Melbourne man, known to his friends as Rooster, was killed after he encountered trouble while trying to retrieve a vessel which broke anchor off the island about 7.30pm on Sunday night.

The man’s body, which had been mauled by tiger sharks, was found near the island about 9.45am yesterday.

Fantome, part of the Great Palm Island group, is about 65km north-east of Townsville. ‘Rooster’ was taking a break from work on Orpheus Island to spend time with three workmates living on Palm Island.

Tiger sharks
Locals had been avoided the pristine waters around the island because the tiger sharks had been circling the area since a whale carcass was discovered close by a few weeks ago. Also a crocodile had taken up residence since Cyclone Yasi hit Far North Queensland in February.

But ‘Rooster’ wasn’t a local and set off past sunday in a boat with friends to explore the area and stopped off on Fantome Island. The three walked up the beach to take a look around when the boat started to drift away from the beach about 7pm. The man swam off to retrieve the boat and never returned.

Search party
Police were alerted and launched a search, involving helicopters, planes and boats. The search continued yesterday morning with nine boats involved in a gird search. The man’s body was eventually found about three nautical miles from Fantome Island about 9.45am. A post mortem will have to prove whether ‘Rooster’ drowned, died of natural causes or was killed by sharks.


Read more at Brisbane Times or Townsville Bulletin. 




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