MYRTLE BEACH (USA)- A 25-year old swimmer was bitten in the foot by a shark just off the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last weekend. Shark attacks  are very rare in this area and are known to happen only a few times a year. The victim was transported toContinue Reading

REDHEAD BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- Surfer Glen Folkard was attacked by a 10ft bull shark while surfing just off Redhead Beach, north of Sydney. The shark bit four pounds of flesh from the leg of the 44-year old surfer. When the shark let go to get a good grip for a newContinue Reading

PORT ST. JOHNS (SOUTH AFRICA)-Neither effluent from local buildings and settlements nor a whale carcass buried on the beach a decade ago is likely to be a factor in the high number of attacks in South African waters the past years. Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa revealed there had been 39Continue Reading

NOBBY BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- A young Australian surfer off Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast experienced every surfer’s worst nightmare scenario. On march 20th he was surfing, trying a new trick, and fell off his board. Right on a large shark that was swimming under him. The startled predator did whatContinue Reading

PLAYALINDA BEACH (USA)-  A 19-year old kitesurfer was bitten by a shark while kitesurfing with friends off Playalinda Beach in northern Brevard County, Florida. He is described as Florida’s 1st shark victim of the season. He suffered minor injuries. Brevard County Fire Rescue paramedics responded to the beach at 1:15Continue Reading

MIAMI (USA)- 2011 saw a two-decade record as twelve people were killed worldwide by sharks. Seventy-five attacks occurred worldwide, close to the decade average, but the number of fatalities doubled compared with 2010.  None of the deadly attacks occurred in the United States, which saw a five-year downturn in the number ofContinue Reading