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Whale sharks meet too many humans

CANCUN (MEXICO)- Swimming with whale sharks has become so popular worldwide that scientists, environmentalists and even ecotourism operators are calling for new limits on human contact. The world’s biggest fish is a solitary creature but occasionally gathers in large groups, or aggregations, to feast on everything from plankton to fish eggs. As the aggregation sites have become known, tourists have […]

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Shark cage diving in Tasmania

EAGLEHAWK NECK (TASMANIA)- Shark cage diving may be the next big tourist attraction of Tasmania. Local business men are forming plans. ‘Our waters are a natural haven for ocean predators including mako sharks and white pointers. There’s always a lots of shark sightings down here. Plans are under way for the extreme adventure business at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman […]

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Fears for rising cowboy shark tourism

FOVEAUX STRAIT (NEW ZEALAND)- Dive operators in New Zealand say the Government has done nothing to keep people safe from cowboy shark tourism companies operating in the Foveaux Strait, despite repeated requests to take action. Southern Aqua Adventures owner Mike Haines said on TVNZ that Maritime New Zealand was supposed to have got the operators together this year to form […]

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