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Shark cage diving vs. paua diving

STEWART ISLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- ‘Stewart Island will become just like Amity Island, the fictive island in the movie Jaws, if the shark cage diving practices are not stopped soon.’ It’s a statement of the Kiwi political party New Zealand First. The diving tourism around the island is attracting more sharks to the waters and paua (abalone) divers are feeling more and more like shark bait. […]

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Shark Tourism under discussion

STEWART ISLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- Is shark tourism, where great whites are lured to boats and diver cages, causing danger to beachgoers? The local residents of Stewart Island are fed up with shark dive operators and are calling for them to be barred from continuing the practice. Atracting great whites is causing danger for other professionals like paua divers, who collect these shells […]

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Hammerheads die at Ocean Park

Great Hammerhead Shark

HONG KONG (CHINA)- Sharks are not meant to put in aquaria. Proof for that was given again at Ocean Park in Hong Kong where six female hammerhead sharks died within seven hours of each other. The remaining eight sharks in the Grand Aquarium “are also at risk” and their conditions are being monitored. The six sharks, all females, weighing 45-60 […]

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