AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- Grim, the tagged New Zealand Great White  is returning home after an epic journey through the tropical waters of Fiji, Tonga and Niue. Researchers of the Department of Conservation have been tracking him for more than twelve months.  ‘Grim’ is the first shark being tagged for so lang. TheContinue Reading

MUNICH (GERMANY)- Over 33 species of Carcharhinus sharks. Matthias Voigt and Dietmar Weber describe more species of this shark genus than ever before in their ‘Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus.’ This book summarises and visualises known and relevant data and features to enable an identification of sharks ofContinue Reading

MONTEREY (USA)-A young great white shark that had been in captivity at the Monterey Bay Aquarium went missing on October 29, just four days after its release off the coast of Goleta. Data recovered from the transmitter on its dorsal fin determined that the shark died very shortly after itsContinue Reading

PORT LINCOLN (AUSTRALIA)-RAW data has finished being collected for a study investigating the effectiveness of shark repellant device Shark Shield. The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) study is looking into the effectiveness of the Shark Shield, which many divers and surfers use in the water to repel sharks.Continue Reading

ISLA CERRALVO (MEXICO)- The one-eyed mutant albino ‘cyclops’ shark that was found last week at the Mexican isle of Cerralvo has created a lot of buzz on the internet. Scientists have x-rayed the misformed embryo shark and confirmed it real. Just as in 2006 when a kitten was born withContinue Reading

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Before dawn last week, the crew of the fishing boat Outer Banks set four miles of long-lines off San Diego Harbor, angling for a good catch of young thresher sharks in hopes of preserving the fishery. Through an annual study, scientists from the National Marine Fisheries ServiceContinue Reading

VANCOUVER ISLAND (CANADA)- Scientist John Ford with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada didn’t know what he saw at first. Hyperventilating orcas, a wild feeding frenzy and chunks of oily meat floating on the sea. The orcas of the coast of Vancouver Island weren’t feeding on salmon of seaContinue Reading