ISLA CERRALVO (MEXICO)- The one-eyed mutant albino ‘cyclops’ shark that was found last week at the Mexican isle of Cerralvo has created a lot of buzz on the internet. Scientists have x-rayed the misformed embryo shark and confirmed it real. Just as in 2006 when a kitten was born withContinue Reading

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Before dawn last week, the crew of the fishing boat Outer Banks set four miles of long-lines off San Diego Harbor, angling for a good catch of young thresher sharks in hopes of preserving the fishery. Through an annual study, scientists from the National Marine Fisheries ServiceContinue Reading

VANCOUVER ISLAND (CANADA)- Scientist John Ford with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada didn’t know what he saw at first. Hyperventilating orcas, a wild feeding frenzy and chunks of oily meat floating on the sea. The orcas of the coast of Vancouver Island weren’t feeding on salmon of seaContinue Reading