ILIAMNA LAKE (ALASKA)- The elusive Lake Iliamna monster might be nothing more than a Pacific sleeper shark. It’s a hypothesis that scientist Bruce Wright will explore this summer. In fact, it hooks on to another theory of another lake monster. That of Loch Ness. Some say that is also aContinue Reading

ELEUTHERA (BAHAMAS)-Scientisct of the Cape Eleuthera Institute are exploring the deep sea. An enormous variety of weird and wonderful creatures make the deep sea their home, including many species of sharks. In a new project they hope to discover more about deep sea sharks. “About half of all known speciesContinue Reading

TAIPEI (TAIWAN) –For one year long The Society of Wilderness tested sharks in the waters around Taiwan. Conclusion: nearly 60 percent of the sharks in the waters around the island are listed as threatened species by the international community. The group therefore calls for intensified efforts to conserve sharks andContinue Reading

BASS STRAIT (AUSTRALIA)- Despite inhabiting the same waters, two populations of Great White sharks living in the coastal waters of Australia are genetically distinct, according to a new study published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series. The two groups of Great Whites, or white sharks, are separated by the BassContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Researchers at the UWA Oceans Institute have been researching shark attacks, following the four fatal shark attacks off the Western Australia coasts  in the last twelve months. The reason why sharks attack humans seems to differ between the species. The biggest surprise the researchers found was that sharksContinue Reading

DAUPHIN ISLAND (USA)- Not just marine animals but also woodpeckers, swallows, tanagers, meadowlarks and other land birds are found in the stomachs of tiger sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Could Gulf of Mexico oil platforms be turning migratory birds into shark snacks? That’s what a nonprofit bird conservation group is suggesting. AContinue Reading